Y-Ttrium Yotta #Tanka #Poetry

A tanka written by Lee Sonogan

Exploring x-height & the em square – Fonts Knowledge - Google Fonts

That’s a wonderful word: maybe. I watched maybe stretch out, long and starry. The letter y looked as fiery as the tail of a comet; it looped around our shoulders, connecting us all together. Natalie Lloyd

Cartesian yawing,

Stay verticalization,

Ordinate thawing,

Luminance interception,

Antinodal jigsawing.

To Mr. Jones, she said, imagine you’re looking up at a blue sky, and imagine a tiny airplane skywriting the letter Z. Then let the wind erase the letter. Then imagine the plane writing the letter Y. Let the wind erase it. Then the letter X. Erase it. Then the letter W. Chuck Palahniu




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