We Need To Talk About A.I. – Documentary Review

A documentary review written by Lee Sonogan

1hr26mins (2020)

Originally published on entertainmentcultureonline.com

Hype vs reality: we need to talk about AI - We Are Social

This doco should be called We Need To Talk About A.G.I as artificial (Non-general) intelligence is already here. This topic is very thought-provoking in both positives and negatives with this technology alongside experts and scenes from popular science fiction movies. Getting a mixed reaction online I still ended up consuming and left me pondering many possibilities. What we have now is great but narrow, when machines become more intelligent than we are, it is a milestone in human history although likely to be risking the significance of humans of modern times.

Still not there yet, when it happens as Vladimir Putin puts it ‘will rule the world’. In the demand to be more than one person at a time, the concept of a digital buddy would be helpful in more ways than one. Some things are just too complex or cognitive skills a lacking to complete a specific goal within the parameters set out. Aside from human error and depending on how powerful is seemly the only real way to keep up with big companies and their infrastructure.

Then at a wider scale, a hive mind that does sound scary is one incentive for a one-world government in a certain sense. Or at least smart cities run more efficiently when the ethical questions become sorted out. This leads me to subjects discussed in this documentary of consciousness and how the first people will use them. There is a baby AI currently developed pushing the idea of invoking anonymous beings that looks promising. But realistically out of the two categories of morals, other people will subject them to is ever greed in a business or automating the already easy to get weaponry, a.k.a kill.

It is nearly impossible to predict what will happen but know the power they have to change everyday life. The singularity is inevitable as we merge further in regards to identity and pushing the limits of the irreversible. Fear is normal insights of no real programming to simulate feelings although from our reactions it is up to interpretation if they can understand the differences between good vs evil. The trolley problem is one test that indicates probabilities. Overall, real political policies need to take place other than the talks already made giving them rights in a way being a good thing





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