I Disagree – Album Review (Poppy)

An album review written by Lee Sonogan

35:08 (2020) Heavy Metal, Electropop, Industrial

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Poppy 'I Disagree' Review: The Album Obliterates the Niceties of Genre  Convention
“As both a symbolic avatar for her life changes and a strong empowerment statement, I Disagree celebrates Poppy’s rebirth as a pop-metal alchemist and unabashed rule-breaker.” – AllMusic – Writer, Neil Z. Yueng

Who is Poppy? Her initial claim to fame was her viral videos on YouTube that included robotic dialogue. Then there was pop in her first two full-length albums until the direction of her music became to my liking. My first listening experience to her was at WWE NXT playing music for the female wrestler Io Sharai. As I said in the article I wrote linked below before the album released, here is my review.


Under the Label Sumerian known for metal bands, her diverse style has a mix of opinions. Channelling real-life pain into symbolic songs has made a statement in the new decade. The palette of emotion has enough to appeal to all sorts of people of all ages and tastes. A sugar rush of Avant-garde agreeable in most areas of rhythm, tone and flow.

Track listening
  • Concrete (Recommended)
  • I Disagree (Recommended)
  • Bloodmoney (Recommended)
  • Anything Like Me (Recommended)
  • Fill the Crown
  • Nothing I Need
  • Sit /Stay
  • Bite Your Teeth (Recommended)
  • Sock of the Sun
  • Don’t Go Outside’

Saying all this praise, the album from start to finish is not as stable as it could be. Not all the songs ones after another take you on a journey where I can see it could be. Lyrics are simplified by design with the short songs going past too fast. For these reasons, this review shall not make it over the 8/10 mark where singles from it would get.

Overall, Metal Lady Gaga or Billie Elish has the originality you want in a unique delivery. Essentially the shock first reaction and the re-listening value holds quality. I still hold to my view that Poppy and musicians influenced by this post-genre music is the way of the future. And whatever she comes out with next, I am surely to check it out as well.





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