South Park – S23E05 (Tegridy Farms Halloween Special) – Episode Recap

A recap written by Lee sonogan

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Very few comedy shows do Halloween specials just like South Park. Just like the previous specials such as “Pinkeye” “Korn’s Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery” and “Spookyfish”, this one similarly focused on outrageous nonsense over politics. I was wrong about the last episode being possible part one of two episodes although it still could be as the boys in the earlier episode were only featured in a short scene. Butters and Randy/Shelly were the main protagonists in stories A and B.

This seasons opening credits at Tegridy Farms changes for Halloween with Randy selling the idea of his Halloween special being a reference in the story. Also, he wears a mask of President Xi and mocks him which shows South Park is still not afraid of China. The starts with Shelly and Randy’s perceived “Mauwana” problem of her. Then Butters is exploring an Egyptian exhibit where the supernaturalness begins where there is a curse.

In developing the story I may comment on some SPOILERS! right now. The Halloween Special becomes a physical object as Towliee has created hybrid conjunction of weed. And Butter’s curse becomes alive and has an allegory of a divorce analogy. It may have been a little cringe or uncomfortable for some people, although it was well enough timed.

Naming my favourite parts in this episode was PC Principles speech making sure no cultures were appropriate. When Butters tries to tell the boys about his mummy problem. And Randy and Towellie slowly get haunted by past enemies after their Halloween Special appears mutated. While season 23 has not been good as classic South Park, it is at least consistent.


“Oh, I’m gonna really enjoy eating your brains,” – Zombie Winne The Pooh

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