Pragmatic Apparatus – Lexical Functions and Pragmatic Functions: a Proposal for the Formalization of the Pragmatemes within the Meaning-Text Theory

Cited by Lee Sonogan

Pragmatic functions and lexical categories | Semantic Scholar

Abstract by Marıa Auxiliadora Barrios Rodrıguez

Pragmatemes have been defined within the Meaning Text-Theory as phrasemes pragmatically restricted, such as for rent, drive slow(ly), do not enter, beware of the dog. This concept is close to the previous concepts of pragmatic formulae, pragmatic markers, speech formula, linguistic clich ́e and gambits, which cover expressions such as I regret that. We claim that pragmatemes are related to these concepts and also to a broad range of other expressions, such as: a) speech acts characterized by the influence of the extra-linguistic features in their meaning, as ¡ soy humano! (only human!), expression that does not mean that someone is human but that it is understandable he has made something wrong; and b) speech acts characterized by cultural aspects, as in the Spanish question ¿ qui ́en es el ultimo? (who is the last person?) in a queue (waiting in a commerce, for instance), due to the Spanish habit of forming messy groups instead of long queues. So far within the Meaning-Text
Theory pragmatemes have been formalized by Lexical Functions, a formal tool useful for the categorization of the lexical relations. However, pragmatemes express not a lexical relationship between words but a pragmatic relationship by means of words between participants in a communicative situation. Consequently, they demand some extra-linguistic features. In this paper we summarize the different proposals regarding the concept of pragmateme, we define it, we claim that Lexical Functions are not adequate for them and we present what we call the Pragmatic Functions, a new tool inspired in Lexical Functions, useful for the formalization of pragmatemes, particularly in regard to Second Language Acquisition dictionaries and Natural Language Processing applications. Pragmatic Functions could also serve at the same time as a new taxonomy of illocutionary verbs.

Publication: Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Peer-Reviewed Journal)

Pub Date: 2021 Doi:–0001–6830–4797

Keywords: pragmateme, pragmatic formulae, lexicology, lexicography, Meaning-Text Theory (Plenty more sections and references in this research article)

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