Uncle Tom – Documentary Review

A documentary review written by Lee Sonogan

(2020) Documentary

Originally published on entertainmentcultureonline.com

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Uncle Tom will frighten and embarrass the far left by the ignorance of our history taught. Race is a term reaching its boiling point in modern times (it is not a topic I ever thought I would be covering). In my research into all political idealogy, this particular documentary emphasis’s all I have personally learnt recently plus introduced me to many successful black people who held conservative beliefs. People like Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell never played the race card while the democratic party in America have for a real long time.

Uncle Tom originally a character of the 1852 novel ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’ is slander to attack someone’s credibility. In the link above I believe racism does not exist, good vs evil in class systems and alternative reasons for personal gain. In the woke world where the ‘good guys’ of the left supposed to be love and understanding although never share the other half of those and think for themself; refusing to kneel is a cancel culture sentence.

This movie is like an alarm clock – some people might not like what they are hearing when they watch it but that doesn’t change the fact that it is time to wake up. I applaud the courage, the genius, and the love and compassion that went into the making of this important film. – Knightdavid-85066

Debating history and using the same mistakes of the past is hypocritical overall. Words such as segregation, Jim Crow, slavery, supremacists, and more are all subjective and can be twisted into however you may in an attempt to gain brownie points. Outweighing solid civil right positives and change of our past to the present, how are these communities oppressed? How are people no freedoms in civilization in comparison to third world countries?

Concluding, politically active republicans not only understand race relations but encourage growth and successes if you take responsibility in the values they teach. I highly recommend this documentary to the naysayers and consume it whole before you judge. #WalkAway from the propaganda influenced in the article linked in the written testimony. Rating wise I got to be honest on its timing, depth and truth that can set you free.





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