Anti Hero (Isaac Butterfield) – Stand-Up Review

A review written by Lee Sonogan

1hr13mins (2020) Stand-Up

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ANTI HERO - COMEDY SPECIAL (2020) – Isaac Butterfield

At this point, Isaac Butterfield is my favourite Australian comedian. In this new comedy set that I was going to see before cancellations in Melbourne a few months ago now, ANTI HERO is here! Happily paying the 15 dollar entry price, it would have been better if I was there live in person. Loved his first one in the article below, can he beat my initial enjoyment of his body of work? I expect brutality, excellent timing, and the real truth opposing the politically correct.

The Dark Knight (Batman/Joker) introduction parody is as good as the original getting you hyped; the featured trailer on the YouTube channel of the man who’s dick stinks (haha). Straight away he attacks all his classical targets and tells the joke that got him cancelled from the Melbourne comedy festival. Elaborating, he tells funny stories I have already heard being a long time subscriber of his. Transiting into more hot debate topics, the crowd is hot and popping. Mixing facts with trigging fuck upness, it sympathises with more than just the Australian lifestyle?

A third of the way in, original stories freshly came out that I have not heard before which were solid. Gaining more knowledge on Isaac’s personal life before comedy, the tales from his other temporary work with people is hilarious. Surely exaggerating parts but overall a solid delivery so far. Constantly punch lining real stories, taboo topics/subjects shifted and implemented in different directions. Two thirds through and it is as engaging as the original stand-up > The Butterfield Effect.

In the end after the owning of God, was this streamed show worth catching in the minimum 30-day time frame availability? Well, it was 30 bucks when I was going to see it live, so for half price at the content was of the quality desired. Honestly, this is better than a lot of Netflix ones and possibly picked up? If you like an offensive comedy then I highly recommend this! I did not rate The Butterfield Effect, on the other hand, I’ll set the standard right now and give a…


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