UFC 250 – (2020) Amanda Nunes vs Felicia Spencer (Featherweight Championship) (Main Event) – Fight Recap

A recap written by Lee Sonogan

Originally published on entertainmentcultureonline.com

UFC 250 Results: Amanda Nunes Dominates Felicia Spencer, Makes History

Reaching a quarter of 1000 shows, the UFC 250 Main Event will feature key ladies in their division. The challenge has a chance to be a star although the champ is certainly gonna put her in a world of trouble. Tale of the tape shows many differences in the advantage of Nunes. Her career is over double of Spencer, gaining more experience. Also older, slightly taller, and higher arm length, vs Felicia’s win streak of momentum.

Very sharp, Nunes lands quick striking combinations in the first round. Spencer has to push her to the cage in an attempt to hit closer up. Wizard kicking out feet, she gets the first takedown and top position on the ground. For the next few minutes, Nunes threw elbows with Spencer barely defending. Next round and Spencer continues to find an entry that works. Running right through her, Spencer is slowly gaining noticeable damage.

Going toe to toe throwing bombs by both, a mouthguard drops down. A ragdolling takedown in absolute domination. Comments say she has not had a moment yet in comparison to the Cyborg fight lasting all the endurance. Taunts from Nunes every time causes her to flinch in a graphic display. Round 4 ensues and Spencer is still there and not knocked. Technic is trying to implement using a diversity of tools in an arsenal.


Making it to round 5 and Spencer is brutally busted up with rings under her eyes. 76 headshots and she still has the composure to keep fighting is impressive in itself. To the bitter end, she tried to be offensive for a full 25 minutes in a one-sided fight. Nunes win/loss record of 20-4-0 bumps up by one and Spencer gets her second loss with 8-2-0. I want to keep following Nunes and hopefully catch a new and competitive fight.




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