South Park – S23E04 (Let Them Eat Goo) – Episode Recap

A recap written by Lee Sonogan

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Finally, South Park takes on an element about climate change and how it has changed some of our behaviours. Story A and story B both revolve around plant-based diets and exploiting the trend of ethical and sustainable foods. Centring around the characters Randy and Cartman, their fun stories are solid in not resorting to highs and lows while being unpredictable in the final payoff of the story.

As the nature of any recap, there are SPOILERS ahead!

The episode starts with Randy admitting the Tegridy Farms businesses is struggling due to the previous jokes working with China. Since China has banned South Park, it seems like they have moved on to different topics. Because when Randy and Towelie decide to sell the mulch of the left over weed, get high and then become aware of the Impossible Burger, they exploit the concept to save their business.

Then plant-based foods expand into the school and Cartman has not one but two heart attacks after instances of eating fake meat obliviously. Processed meats are not always the more ethical or sustainable food. But in the days of every little action causes pollution to the environment, Randy’s slogan “Taste like shit, you won’t care,” says it all. In the end, Randy and Towelie slaughter a bunch or cow in an impressive payoff, and when Cartman finds out the truth, the last scene of the episode has him monologue his thoughts concluding that he wants to eat “Crap”.

Comparing this episode to the last one, it is slightly more impressive with more well-timed parts of humour. Expecting that it would get more intense, they kept it grounded and focused on key parts of absurdity related to what we eat. And it seems like it could be possible setting up for a two-part episode. It seems like the theme of season 23 is freedom of speech and that they want to cover many different modern-day subjects with it.


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