The Social Dilemma – Documentary Review

A documentary review written by Lee Sonogan

1hr34mins (2020) Documentary, Drama

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The Social Dilemma | Netflix Official Site

Seeing a trailer ages ago I have finally consumed this doco. The Social Dilemma, Explores the dangerous human impact of social networking, with tech experts sounding the alarm on their own creations. Telling the other side of the social media coin, this goes into much detail in design and the history of how it got there. Fake news, addiction and propaganda are also detailed within models intended for you to be the product. Including real-life clips, fictional scenes of a middle-class family getting destroyed and multiple thought-provoking dialogues, I highly recommend this for you.

Sure there are benefits for deleting social media if it is a negative force in your life, especially young adults. I only use it as a platform to get my writing out there, avoiding the dreaded comment section. But is the program that is the problem, unethically collecting all your data and AI systems sending back information to get you to continue to engage. Morally corrupting influence to those who are not buying and in which becoming the product themselves. Sophisticated methods in deceit, further pushing online business incentives to new levels of manipulation and control.

Within the polarization of politics implemented through the ads, the fictional story contains a group known as the Extreme Centre. Intriguing due to in real life, the centre is no way as loud, a real dystopian world would be if the radical two-party system ended up gaining a third. Smart to not offend the norm in partisan, the neo-liberalism portrayal makes you question those who are willing to get extreme without looking into the real policies or ideologies that will make actual change.

In conclusion, their personal stories are interesting although the cases made are subjective paradoxes. One-sided from former Silicon Valley workers, it does not accurately represent the unbiased nuances that it could have done. In the end, it is a good try but overall nothing ground-breaking within positive developments in this public media. Empathising human psychology used against us is true, solutions provided mostly preach to the choir,


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