Invincible – TV Show Review (Season 1)

A TV show review written by Lee Sonogan

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Invincible is failing when it comes to LGBTQ+ representation

Recommended to me ages ago in comic form, when it happened again in this adaptation I had to check it out. Invincible was created by the same person who made The Walking Dead (Robert Kirkman) which is an original concept on superheroes. Hearing about it previously I thought it could be cliche, it contains a unique way of storytelling, to say the least. Plus I have some interesting ways to analyse it politically as it draws to that in particular character development.

You know it is a high-quality animation when they put so much detail into every scene (Lots of blood). Never looking cooler, the soundtrack emphasises that point. Now I’m going to compliment the plot for its use of altruism I enjoy within logic. Although there are flaws in this show as I could not help thinking about how I would lay out all this and what different directions it could take.

Consuming lots of this genre, this contains the DC Teen Titan vibes while having some more serious implications with the adults in contrasting side stories. As the son of the most powerful person in the world, Omniman has some dynamics with high school friends and his family. In episode one about the meaning of his powers, more mystery unfolds by the end of the show; friendly dad killing all the world’s best heroes in one location.

For the bulk of the next six months, the world-building reveals new characters in this centre-left plot. Meaning they reference a lot of talking points of today and there are not many anti-heroes except the blue clone guys which were fascinating. The other cast has wholesome moments within relationships and their roles in a super team.

Attention spoilers! Slow-burning to a conclusion about the dad, we get an ending known under the term ‘Dues Ex Machinma’. While the Darkblood demon investigating in Omniman was an investigating context device, what happened after that first episode made me predict what happened in the last.

Let’s just say they use an easy trope that really put me off more than everything else. And as that term out of nowhere came, it still could have been more impactful if our hero was more established first. Maybe the comics were different in their own ways is one more thought…

Surely there is going to be heartwarming changes in the next season that could get at least slightly better? Lots of people are hyping this up but it is not as good as The Boys made for the same platform. Overall I recommend it if the trailer takes to your liking although your reaction could be like mine, or not and that is fine.


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