Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck and Combos: Modern Utopia Deck

The first utopia deck came out in 2011 almost half a decade ago. Today it is still somewhat competitive because of the current support cards that are able to increase its attack very high on their first turn.

Ultimate Dragonic Utopia Ray and ZEXAL cards detailed for Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG set  Lighting Overdrive - Dot Esports



Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring X3

ZS – Ascended Sage X2

ZS – Armed Sage X2

ZW – Tornado Bringer

ZW – Lighting Blade

Utopic Astral Hope

ZW – Pegasus Twin Saber

ZW – Zylphid Wing

Utopic Onomatopoeia X3

Dodododwarf Gogoglove X2

Zubabancho Gagagacoat X2



Reinforcement of the Army

Zexal Entrust

Rank-Up-Magic Zexal Force X2

Generation Force X2

XYZ Import X2

Zexal Construction X3

Double or Nothing!

Hyper-Rank-Up-Magic Hope Force X2

Zexal Catapult

Onomatopaira X3

Harpie’s Feather Duster



Numbers Protect





Number 39: Utopia X3

Number 39: Utopia Double

Number 80: Rhapsody in Berserk

Number 41: Bagooska

Number C39: Utopia Ray V

Number S9: Utopia The Lightning

Ultimate Dragonic Utopia Ray

ZW – Dragonic Halberd

Leo Utopia Ray

Number 99: Utopia Dragner

Number 93: Utopia Kaiser

Number 99: Utopic Dragon

Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS – Sky Thunder




The main card in this deck might be Leo Utopia Ray being the most overpowered for all the easy access to ZW equip card effects offensive and defensive. And it can negate the effects of one monster per every turn.

Utopic Onomatopoeia, Dodododwarf Gogoglove, Zubabancho Gagagacoat and the ZS cards make for special summoning for the extra deck easy and possible extra monsters for defence.

Utopia Double gets a free Double or Nothing! potential OTK card from the deck and summons any better utopia card straight from the extra deck. Saving the other four Rank-Up-Magic cards although either or as those spell cards have extra useful effects once in the graveyard.

Numbers Protect and Ash Blossoms help counter your opponents’ combos while Raigekai and Harpie’s Feather Duster can get you out of board lockdown combos.




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