Uncut Gems – Movie Review

A movie review written by Lee Sonogan

2hrs15mins (2019) Crime, Drama Thriller

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Howard Ratner: Come on! KG. This is no different than that. This is me. All right? I’m not a fuckin’ athlete, this is *my* fuckin’ way. This is how *I* win. All right?

I am not the biggest fan of Adam Sandler. This movie was a pleasant surprise in so many ways that I shall attempt to explain. Initially, Adam Sandler said if this movie does not win at the Oscars then he would initially make the most terrible movie possible. Officially being released on Netflix a few days ago, they already have a deal for four more movies in the future.

Explaining the story, it is about a New York jeweller playing fast and lose making various bets and exchanges. Walking a thin line, balancing a business, family and approaching adversaries, all collide in the pursuit of the ultimate score. That may seem simple but, this film is very stressful in the best way possible.

Focusing on the drama, the character portrayed is something different. Sandler’s overall performance delivers as new layers add to the intense feelings expressed. The more frantic it becomes as risks are taken, the suspense keeps you beyond engaged. From the cinematography to the well-chosen soundtrack, you experience multiple contexts of empathy and stress as the situations get messier.

Funny enough, I saw a spoiler before watching Uncut Gems. Completely forgetting it as the story developed, that made the final act memorable. This is the type of acting Sandler should have been doing from the start. Less moronic comedy flics and more serious roles with darker humour. Now I cannot shit on old mate Sandler as I have gained much respect for him in this project. As I can clearly say now, Uncut Gems is the best ever movie he has ever made.

PS – This movie was only made with less than $20 million and managed to make over double its budget at the box office.

Howard Ratner: That’s a million-dollar opal you’re holding. Straight from the Ethiopian Jewish tribe. I mean this is old-school, Middle-earth shit.





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