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A list-article written by Lee Sonogan.

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One of the best actors in the world Anthony Hopkins has over sixty years of acting experience. That is a lot of characters this man has played. It seems that his skills have only improved as he has gotten older in this past decade. In this list, I will attempt to explain the best characterization portrayed by Hopkins in no particular order.

1. Robert Ford – Westworld

One of the best characters in the whole of the show, Hopkins plays the leader who makes the Westworld theme park for humans possible. This villain work is highly memorable and stole the show in season one.

2. Hannibal Lector – Silence of the Lambs – Red Dragon – Hannibal

Winning the Oscar for the best supporting actor with only 15 minutes on film. Spawning sequels and a well-executed television series, Hannibal Lector will be always remembered by Hopkins original performance as the psychotic cannibal.

3. Odin – Thor – Thor: The Dark World – Thor: Ragnarok

As the Nordic god, Odin, Anthony Hopkins may be the only and best choice to play him. Stoic to the core, his role as the king of Valahala makes you take this trilogy of movies more seriously.

4. Alfred Hitchcock – Hitchcock

One of the greatest directors of all time played by one of the best actors of all time. More than comfortable bring major cultural icons to the screen, becoming Alfred Hitchcock seems custom-made for his overall talents. In his own way, he is a “master of suspense”.

5. Charles Morse – The Edge

This movie tells a story about rich people having a very bad time in a forest. Most people who die in the woods die of shame. Before The Revenant, this was the bear attack moment to see and this one was a real trained bear called Bart the bear.

6. Richard Nixon – Nixon

Stories based on real-life are special and you need impressive people to tell that story. Hopkins was the man to present probably the most interesting/controversial political figure of the 20th century. Uplifting paranoia and anxiety in the sake of power, consuming this one is psychologically chilling.

7. Frederic Treves – The Elephant Man

Cutting deep, this is one of David Lynch’s most classic films. Emotionally provoking, his contribution to this historical work strikes at the soul of our existence.

8. Don Diego – THE MASK OF ZORRO

Relishing in adapting a character from the fifties television show, this may be Hopkins best action role. Which is a quite big change of pace for him. In the plot Don Diego hands down the persona to Antonio Banderas in the best Zorro related story, I have seen.

9. Ted Crawford – Fracture

Playing games with the system, Hopkins and Ryan Godling had chemistry together in scenes or elaborate engaging dialogue and realism. For this reason, I will list this one as the most less known and underrated put of the ten.

10. Father Lucas Trevant – Rite

Inspired by true events, Rite is a display on how exorcisms can be very scary either fictional or even real. Solid as ever, playing a priest this time, you are glued to your seat in this empathetic experience.

Yes I know, he has plenty of other dramatic roles I have most likely missed. As stated in the above paragraph, there are too many films he has been apart of to have seen all of them. I can only comment on the feature films and television that I have personally seen him act on.

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