South Park – S23E02 (Band In China) – Episode Recap

A recap written by Lee Sonogan

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People seemed to like my recap of the first episode of season 23, so here is the second episode. South Park usually gets better after the first episode of a season. Band in China comments on the recent protests in Hong Kong and the trend of musical biopics recently. The satire, as usual, is visually brutal and the portrayal of exploitation in a communist country is a scary one.

I shall write this paragraph explaining what happens in this episode as I watch it. Randy begins the episode by telling the family he wants to sell Tegridy to China. And the second story is of Stan in a band preparing for a performance until three minutes further into the episode, Stan and Crisom Dawn are a metal/screamo band.

The story develops as the band begins their trendy biopic film and Randy arriving in China to many almost racist jokes done in satire purposes. Winnie the Pooh is banned in China in real-life and is portrayed in this episode in a Jail. Than Mickey Mouse makes an appearance with many famous Disney characters (Including the Avengers) to gain the viewership audience of the communist nation in China.

By the end of this episode, there is a consistency within the season as Cartman and Kyle make there first appearance near the end of the episode, from the last episode. They do not sell out their values after reuniting to perform their boyband from a former episode and Randy officially bringing Tegridy to communist China after – SPOILERS! being forced to kill Winne the Pooh. Like or comment below to give me support in creating a new recap next week!

PS – I wonder what current events or news they will bring into the story next week


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