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Season 1 Review: The show made me laugh, and a few times it even dropkicked me right in the feels. Future me may regret this, but I’m giving Young Rock my endorsement. [Kristen’s Grade: B+] Khan is definitely working hard to squeeze her co-creator/subject’s wandering biography into a fast-paced sitcom format. As much as I enjoy Constant, a lot of the high school and college material has a bland origin-of-the-hero self-help quality: How I Got Great, by Me. [Darren’s Grade: B-] Kristen Baldwin and Darren Franich Feb 16, 2021 (75/100 – Metacritic)

Going in not knowing what to expect, this new show hits you so fast with wrestling references, The Rock is running for the president is a nice touch to get it started. Then detailing three different ages, different actors play the same character somewhat hyperbolic but some serious underlying drama blended in an interesting way. Watching a lot of wrestling documentaries in my time, this satire based on his real-life in the Samoan family has never been explained like this. Still, this first impression is based on the first episode.

Getting a mixed reaction online I get how it is not for everyone but I will explain the highlights in a short recap. Firstly the premise of The rock in the future sets up the following nicely in a wholesome way but not a laugh out loud moment. Then as a kid, he sees his Dad wrestling under the name Rocky Johnson and some actors playing that era wrestlers including Andre the Giant. Teenager rock transitions in with a story buying a car with moral implications. Finally, the young adult version starts his career playing football.

Overall better than expected and only a little greater than general ratings near average ranges. Soundtrack choices as a little bit of Black Sabbath there the end got my attention. Stylish to a point, it is nearly impossible to know if it gets more in quality vs how far they push the plot too is a question I have. Regardless, worthy of checking out if you enjoy Dwayne Johnson, judge for yourself and the results will vary in the various mild. All about working the gimmick in a summarising mentality the real-life person has. Personally, I would rate this singular episode a pure seven to a 7.5/10.

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