The Irishman – Movie Review

A movie review written by Lee Sonogan

3hrs29mins (2019) Biography, Crime, Drama

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Frank Sheeran: Nowadays, young people, they don’t know who Jimmy Hoffa was. They don’t have a clue. I mean, maybe they know that he disappeared or something, but that’s about it. But back then, there wasn’t nobody in this country who didn’t know who Jimmy Hoffa was.

Martin Scorsese newest feature film stars Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. Inspired by real life, I now know who Jimmy Hoffa was. With a budget of $159 million, its official release on Netflix limited to where this movie was in cinemas. In a few selected cinemas, this movie made $7.5 million at the box office. Regardless, this story is as good as any other Martin Scorsese film, while being another biography perfect for acting performance.

Breaking records, The Irishman is the longest mainstream movie released in over 30 years. While not everyone will like this movie due to its rather long length, it has been highly regarded by many critics and fans alike. Taking 106 days to film in its entirety, the cinematography allows each scene to flow quite nicely.

Focusing on the individual actor’s roles, this is one of my favourite movies with Al Pacino and Robert De Niro as they have chemistry on screen, and from their past experience, the characters they portrayed were perfect fits. Setting out to do something different, among the other actors in this film, each part planned out delivers on all sorts of levels.

Concluding this review, my favourite parts of this movie include Robert De Niro monologing and narrating. Pacino and De Niro’s scenes together were a lot. The technical camera shots lead to what happens next. The real-life references to that era such as Kennedy being killed. Not sure if I will watch this one again although it was memorable enough that I do not have to.

Jimmy Hoffa: You don’t keep a man waiting. The only time you do is when you want to say something. When you want to say fuck you.


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