South Park – S23E01 (Mexican Joker) – Episode Recap

A recap written by Lee Sonogan

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Commander Miller: We have only recently learned of Mexican Joker’s existence. He has no reason, he has no compassion. Mexican Joker simply wants to evoke fear!

As new tv shows come in and I consume them, I will recap them. Hopefully after a few hours after their eventual release in America. Since South Park has returned to television, I am going to watch season 23 every week. Already in this episode, they have referenced many current events that have happened in America and around the world. It is amazing to see that Trey Parker and Matt Stone are still creating this show and only in seven days. There was also a recent reference to Greta Thunberg’s speech at the UN which went viral if you understood the joke as I did.

It starts off with a new opening video at Randy’s Tegridy Farms. Then he realises that people have not brought anything from him in a while until he finds out one of his friends has started growing their own marijuana in their back yard. Then in the side story, Cartman has found out how to get Kyle’s family sent to a detention centre for a few days. Later Randy is sad until business owners collaborate with him on some payback. And later Cartman ends up joining Kyle in the detention centre.

Mexican Joker is a crazy term how immigration separating children from family could spawn a Mexican Joker. And of cause, the detention officials take it very seriously. Honestly, this is a great start to the season, and Randy is not going to be pushed around anymore. As he says in this episode “I am not a towel,” setting up for a darker randy in future episodes. I’m gonna rate these episode recaps out of 10 as well.


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