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Seeing a lot of ads and what Byran Cranston is currently doing, the premise of this seemed interesting to me. Knowing it will be a judge and a thriller atmosphere, I did not expect it to be this suspenseful. Apparently, this being a true mini-series, there might be a review in the near future plus the following article unloads about the pilot. This first episode draws you in by establishing the initial plot of the judge’s son about to face legal/law hit and run charges. And the intriguing target leading to many more events to unfold.

Purely dramatic for the most part, the hour-length focuses on each scene with a soundtrack that’s powerful. Opening up the first episode the young adult goes through a series of panic before and after crashing into a motorcyclist in an epic fashion. Their acting becomes as strong as the guy dies in the road embracing good production of cinematography. Transiting to Cranston’s character delivering a witty monologue in court. Not much of a speech although an exciting investigation into some subplots.

Meeting together the two family members show chemistry, working out what they are gonna do to eventually find out that person who died was a child of the largest crime family in their city. Real anxiety, conflict and relevant memories expressed and depth in how to protect themself presents the engagement to be looking for to eventually consume the whole thing. By the end, you can predict what happens while what you just watched lays down a structure at an unpredictable flow.

Overall it is enough to recommend getting the first impression for yourself if you enjoy the body of work displayed by Byran Cranston. Resembling elements from Daredare season one and Better Call Saul, the law aspects take you somewhere great. Cons is it stretches concepts that I have previously said to a certain point, on the other hand, can change directions in the other 9 hours to go. Potential from what my eyes have seen plus other ratings handing around online. Concluding with a number this beginning is at least a 7.5 out of ten with full 1s in the higher or lower.

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