Q-Ua Anode/Cathode #Haiku #Poetry

A haiku written by Lee Sonogan

Anode - Wikipedia

I propose to distinguish these bodies by calling those anions which go to the anode of the decomposing body; and those passing to the cathode, cations; and when I have occasion to speak of these together, I shall call them ions. – Michael Faraday

Galvanic redox,

Static dilute inverse-square,

Charged proton unbox.

I have considered the two terms you want to substitute for eisode and exode, and upon the whole I am disposed to recommend instead of them anode and cathode. These words may signify eastern and western way, just as well as the longer compounds which you mention … I may mention too that anodos and cathodos are good, genuine Greek words, and not compounds coined for the purpose. – William Whewell




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