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Netflix's 'The Midnight Gospel' Is a Profoundly Weird Psychedelic ...

On UNGROOVYGORDS I posted a journal entry about a Joe Rogan: Movie (Fan Fiction?). The Midnight Gospel contains the perfect concept but in reverse about what I talked about setting it in the JRE studio. Self-proclaimed space after, Clancy leaves his home to interview beings of dying worlds. Also, he has a malfunctioning multiverse simulator. Yes, the original series on Netflix is a trippy sci-fi and already a must-watch if you like the mind/work of Duncan Trussell.

Immediately reminded of the podcast he is frequently a guest on and his own one, the show hits you with deep conversation. Even though the environment is set in a comedic setting, it is a relief towards the serious subject matter. While this episode is from the perspective of drugs, it appears that it keeps getting different in further episodes. Looking at Taste of the King on IMDB, the following I am soon to consume go from 8/10s into the 9s.

I think this series should be treated as a podcast. What I like about it is that the interviews are set in these bizar worlds that kind of interact with the interview together with the art style it makes for something interesting to watch. – jonatanjelto (IMDB – 9/10)

Still only having an average of reviews in ratings so far, I can’t believe I have not heard of it until now. And alongside if there will be a season 2, Joey Diaz does a voice acting role in this apparently. Concluding this first impression with a rating of the episode without any more detail explained, I would give it a solid 7.8/10. The Midnight Gospel as of right now is at the top of my to watch list.

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