Barry – TV Show Review (Season 1 & 2)

A tv show review written by Lee Sonogan

30min (2018-) Comedy, Crime, Drama

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Bill Hader greatest acting role I have seen so far! Barry is a comedy-drama that deals with a hitman who wants to act. For a concept that seems straightforward, this show has an excellent balance between drama and comedy elements. Wanting to watch this one for a while now, I finally watched it when Henry Winkler won an Emmy award for the best supporting actor. Then I watched all the current seasons of one and two in about three days.

Writer, producer, creator and star Bill Hader also directed this series in his directional debut. Known for his comedic roles, he has said that one of his biggest challenges on this show was having to sacrifice jokes when the scene called for a more dramatic tone. This show celebrates acting in many interesting ways that play huge parts in the overall story. Resulting in many of the characters giving many memorable performances.

Episode names in the tv show Barry:

  • Make Your Mark [1.01]
  • Use It [1.02]
  • Make the Unsafe Choice [1.03]
  • Commit…To You [1.04]
  • Do Your Job [1.05]
  • Listen With Your Ears, React With Your Face [1.06]
  • Loud, Fast, and Keep Going [1.07]
  • Know Your Truth [1.08]
  • The Show Must Go On, Probably? [2.01]
  • The Power of No [2.02]
  • Past = Present x Future Over Yesterday [2.03]
  • What?! [2.04]
  • ronny/lily [2.05]
  • The Truth Has a Ring to It [2.06]
  • The Audition [2.07]
  • berkman > block [2.08]

Receiving a mixed response but great ratings, this HBO series is something you will either love or somewhat dislike. But do not listen to any of the bad reviews from critics, this is a show where you just have to check it out yourself. Personally, I loved it and I cannot wait until season 3 to see what happens after the cliffhanger in the final episode of season 2. It hits all the spots you want from HBO shows and more while being original in its own way.


Barry: You wanna know what I’m good at? I’m good at killing people. You know, when I got back from Afghanistan I, ah, was really depressed. You know, like I didn’t leave my house for months, and, ah, this friend of my dad’s, he’s, uh he’s like an uncle to me. He, uh, he helped me out and he gave me a purpose. He told me that, that what I was good at over there could be useful here and, uh, it’s a job. You know. All right the money’s good, and, uh, these people I take out, like they’re they’re bad people, you know, like they’re pieces of shit. Um… But lately, you know, I’ve like, I’m not sleeping and, ah, that depressed feeling’s back, you know. Like, like I know there’s more to me than that. Maybe, I don’t know, maybe there’s not. Maybe this is all I’m good at.

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