A Humbling Challenge Approaches #FreeVerse #Poetry

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A poem written by Lee Sonogan

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“The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials.” Chinese proverb

Starting again from scratch,

I know what I am in for,

First, light the match,

Then become a hungry carnivore,

Climbing an uphill challenge,

Experienced in making mistakes,

Trying is being motivated to change and then manage,

Stepping forward and doing whatever it takes.

Empathetic towards direct learning,

Grateful to be proud in action,

In control with everything that is turning,

An opportunity to create a reaction.

Passing self-designed tests,

This is a trail I must complete,

The challenge never rests,

Looking back progress made will not be discreet.

Taking on all coming head-on without hesitation,

The strong foundation below an expanding structure,

With everything in a precise formation,

Your internal and external forces will puncture.

Ready to adapt to any situation,

Sustained development as useful ideas grow,

Rising into the air with self-imposed levitation,

What happens today there is another day tomorrow.




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