UFC 245 – (2019) Alexander Volkanovski vs Max Holloway (Featherweight Championship) – Fight Recap

A recap written by Lee Sonogan

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One more high-pressure championship fight that went a full 5 rounds. SPOILERS! Max Holloway as the undisputed featherweight champion of the world was shut down by the Australian of Volkanovski. From inside the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, a hot crowd saw a unanimous decision of (48-47, 48-47, 50-45). Just getting the numbers over one of the best-considered featherweight fighters of all time, from bell to bell, the cardio/endurance out through the fight was neck to neck.

“Australia, I’m bringing it back home!” – Alexander Volkanovski

Not knowing that name of Volkanovski with not expecting him to be Australian, he is someone I would watch again. Stating that his plan was to interrupt Holloway’s rhythm, and he did just that. Holloway in the first round was at one hundred percent through quick jabs and other strikes. Volkanovski has a lot of kicks land, where it forced Holloway to keep changing his stance. Even attempting a takedown in the first round.

In round two Holloway was using his reach to attack Alexander at his body. Volkanovoski’s leg kick game continued. The champ staying alive mixes of his punches to keep his opponent guessing. Then at the end of round 2, counters that hit and missed happened. Holloway comes out in a southpaw stance in the next round. Then the impact of blows seemed to get more intense. Uppercuts, hooks, jabs, and body shots and landed while throwing wild combinations.

Round 3 was a close round although Round 4 to Round 5 was the true ending. Both men scored headshots, trades in uppercuts, threw freely at each other and more as they both try to get a surprise knockout. As the final bell rang, everybody knew it was Volkanovski’s fight although every single round was so dam close. As of right now, Alexnder is at 21 – 1 – 0 in his win/loss record against Max Holloway’s record of 21 – 5 – 0.

This was Alexander’s 18th win in a row rising to the very top of his division. While this may not be a surprise to people who know him, I have not known him until now. Composed more than the former champ, he went on to say post-fight “I’m so composed. I’ve got the good fight IQ, and I got the job done,”. Pretty much undefeated, I am invested in seeing who he defends the belt to, and how long he can keep winning for. One of the best long fights I have seen and my rating out of ten will reflect that.





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