Hidden Compliments #FreeVerse #Poetry

A poem written by Lee Sonogan

Originally published on entertainmentcultureonline.com

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“The most sincere compliment we can pay is attention.” – Walter Inglis Anderson

If it is a positive thought,

You should say it,

There may be only one shot,

So why not submit?

Observation for validation,

Experience preferred worthwhile,

Share an informal invitation,

Collaborate and move forward with style.

Working together that deserves applause,

Tribute for the greater good,

All expressions of conflicting emotions on pause,

The layers of bliss that stood.

Beyond thinking of what is right,

Telling it how it should be,

Not becoming a toxic plight,

This opportunity is a positive guarantee.

Networking within a spectrum of energy,

Linked as one with two atoms acting around each other,

Singularities binding with synergy,

Potential develops one after another.

Reflecting the image of others through a point,

If you see what they want,

Avoid holding at gunpoint,

And laugh but not taunt.

Don’t compliment with favour,

Time and engage at the right time,

Mark the moment with an engraver,

Enjoying other people’s companionship is not a crime.

If no one is giving you any compliments,

The best compliment is to yourself,

Earning praise is common sense,

Giving is also one way of proving oneself.




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