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Watch Stephen Amell's new wrestling drama Heels online
I grew up with my dad and brother watching wresting, but I never really paid much attention to it. Heels starts strong and draw you in right away. I don’t think you need to be a wresting fan to enjoy this. Ultimately, this is the story of rivalry between two brothers and anyone that has siblings can understand to that. – AprilFoolsDayGirls (9/10 – IMDB)

Been meaning to check out another STARZ show, this is the perfect choice for me right now. While the world mocks professional wrestling as fake, the industry in real life is a crazy place. One of the few backstage fictions out there covering this carnival business, the plot goes so much deeper. Heels portray community theatre with real stakes and character development, only two episodes in has got me hooked.

Starring Stephen Amel and Alexander Ludwig (Bjorn in Vikings), this shows how good actors both are. For pure performance both shine in an entirely new way never seen before. Less action and more on the dramatic implications, the southern area of America is very relevant to it all. As a kid I wanted to be a wrestler, as an adult, this is almost exactly how I would picture local independent wrestling barely making it afloat.

Rating in the high sevens so far, it does tick a lot of boxes. Like the soundtrack, writing, references and good timing humour in between as well, I’m gonna recommend it to my friends who are into combat sports. Worth checking it out if anything previous resonates with you even a little. Hopefully the momentum so far just gets better and better!

You already know it’s gonna be a winner the way the first episode ends. It’s a lot more than wrestling and the showmanship behind it. The leads are gonna make this show very very entertaining but also have a lot of depth too. Looking forward to the rest of the series! – mnmgodz (9/10 – IMDB)

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