UFC 244 – (2019) Keith Lee Vs Gregor Gillespie – Fight Recap

A recap written by Lee Sonogan

Originally published on entertainmentcultureonline.com

“I needed to make [a statement] tonight.”My back was against the wall. I’m coming out here facing the most decorated wrestler in the division and I wanted to put on a show.” – Keith Lee, Victory Speech

In my second fight recap, it is of two fighters who I have never seen perform before. Names such as Donald Trump and The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) were there to support the big fights. The madison square Garden fight with Lee vs Gillespie has some interesting stakes going into it. Firstly there is the undefeated New Yorker dubbed ‘The Gift’ Gregor Gillespie going against the of an 18-5 win/loss of Lee and 13-1 for Gillespie. And Keith Lee’s return to UFC since his last fight/lose to Jermey Pacatiw.

Looked like anyone could go for a takedown from the very start. Closing in on each others distances, there were simultaneous popping jabs from both competitors, eyes out the perfect moment to take control of the offensive. Not stopping one bit, they changed up their boxing strikes with uppercuts and reaching wide over hands. Then it seemed like they backed off about to control their distance. Where any combination of strikes and kicks could happen until the brutal ending. The reaction from Joe Rogan and the other commentators was also classic.

For a quick fight, the results in 2:47 of round one, Kevin Lee beat the odds against him. After the combination of strikes and that brutal head-kick, the referee made the correct choice ending the fight. As surely Gillespie was rendered unconscious because of that impact. Learning more about MMA, there is plenty of fights interesting enough to be recapped. I will also not stop so low and recap the second YouTube fight of KSI and Logan Paul.

“That man went flying!!”





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