Fear Inoculum – Album Review (Tool)

79:10 (2019) Progressive, Rock, Metal, Alternative

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To be or not to be.
Rise. Steal the grand finale
Steal the meaning of our swan song and epilogue.
One. Try. To. Stay. Alive.
Never meant to be.
Muster every fiber. – Descending – Fear Inoculum (Tool)

Was the wait after thirteen years to finally get a new Tool Album worth it? Officially released yesterday on the 30th of August 2019, In order, I listened to all the albums at midnight. In the spirit of this new website, I wanted to get this review up as early as possible. All the critics and public who have reviewed the album has rated it overly positive. But what will be my opinion? I usually rate Tool albums pretty high but how does this one compare to the others?

As with all Tool albums, there is a lot of songs on this album that goes long like expected. Previously released songs on this album Invincible and Descending have been as good when they were released and important if you listening to the whole album in order. The same goes with the Fear Inoculum single that was released. Speaking on the other songs that were my favourite, Pheuna, Culling Voices, 7empest and finally the shorter and original sounding song Chocolate Chip Trip.

Tracklist for this album:
  • Fear Inoculum (Recommended)
  • Pneuma (Recommended)
  • Litanie contre la peur
  • Invincible (Recommended)
  • Legion Inoculant
  • Descending (Recommended)
  • Culling Voices
  • Chocolate Chip Trip (Recommended)
  • 7empest (Recommended)
  • Mockingbeat

If I had a bucket list of bands I want to see live it would be Tool and it would be now. Checking their tour dates, they are only playing around America at the moment until late November or December. For this album, they would have to go worldwide and come perform in the city an hour away from where I live. I really like this fresh return album from Tool because it is not too polished as some people have said. But not as original sounding as the other albums that I was expecting regardless of that I will still recommend and rate it highly. Still, the songs in the album have mainstream appeal and it is good to see alternative and progressive music experimenting in styles in modern times.

PS – Go to Tool’s YouTube channel now to listen to all the songs from this album now!


Warrior, struggling, to remain, relevant
Warrior, struggling, to remain, consequential
Cry aloud, bold and proud
Where I’ve been
Here I am
Where I am – Invincible – Fear Inoculum (Tool)




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