Doom Eternal – Video Game Review

A video game review written by Lee Sonogan

(2020) Action, Adventure, Horror

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Doom Eternal seemingly sabotaged its own Denuvo anti-piracy tech ...
Start to finish this game is epic, pure blood soaked intensity through and through. An instant action classic. Enough talk..go kill some demons – nuttypacky (IMDB 10/10)

Concluding my coverage of Doom Eternal which has been out for a few weeks now can now be reviewed to finally finishing it two days ago. Already commenting on my first impression and an open letter regarding the multiplayer, its design on the solo experience has drastically improved since the original in 2016. Stating right now if you loved the source material, this is a must buy now game you need to have. I am pretty critical of shooter games similar to this and I would commit to saying now it is one of its rare gems of that genre.

This video game still has amazing visuals, AI enemy challenges and smooth gameplay mechanics plus even more in Eternal. Even playing at the second easiest difficulty (Hurt Me Plenty) is very satisfying in consistent incoming waves of powerful demonic monsters. Adding in some new killer demons with their tricks up their sleeve, that means expect even more animations of types of glory kills implemented.

Overall I highly recommend this video game due to the pure delivery of engagement it provides although seemly quick. But there is going to be two extra DLC missions available soon displaying a longer length of it all. Editing and publishing each mission in compilation videos, check that out in the playlist below. Each one contains non-copyrighted songs with recorded footage placed to the timing of their music. Lastly, the final mission edited and uploaded in a few days shall finish this series publically once and for all.

Now, normally I only give games with excellent stories a 10/10. However, everything this game sets out to do, it does right. So very right. Anyone who enjoys a fun time will love this game. Also, normally I play on “normal” difficulty in games, but this game is so much more fun to play when it’s truly a challenge. I highly recommend to anyone who plays this to push themselves to their fighting limits. – jehuschultz (IMDB 10/10)

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