Thoughts On Mythic Quest 2×06 (Backstory!)

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How 'Mythic Quest' Breaks the Sitcom Mold With 'Backstory!' - The Ringer

This is a brilliant episode. Totally out of the box it’s Mythic Quest with a sprinkle of the old Dr Who. Best episode so far of the whole season.– guruka ( IMDB – 9/10)

This particular episode shows an origin story worthy of any writer to relate to. Going so far as to resonate with a lot of this nearly 40 minutes (9.4/10 on IMDB), we reach the good stuff between comedy and tragedy. Meaning in a genre of humour show, some series are not afraid to make a separate plot just like this as dramatic as it gets. Carl “C.W.” Longbottom is one of my favourite side characters so this was an epic surprise to behold.

Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, and Ursula K. Le Guin are famous writers implemented in this highly referenced but this new trio is following in their footsteps. Getting jobs as editors to the publisher, they instantly become friends who brainstorm. Sharing summaries of their books and time cuts of reading manuscripts, the disconnect that follows will make any creative types squirm..

Overall ticking all boxes in suspense, personality development, cinematography, screenplay, acting performances, dialogue context, realisability, do I list on? To conclude with a rating I will not number it directly although say it is over an 8/10. A lot of genius with simple things portraying vision like you have not seen before.

PS – That monologue and how he met with Rob McElhenney’s character is also fantastic

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