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So much charm same as original series, I love everything they’ve done with it so far and blessed to see more of Micheal C. Hall! The Dark Passenger still flows ever so smooth through a new area with his rules intact. One of the best soundtracks ever that makes me so happy enticed for more to come; hell yes Dexter Morgan! – UniqueParticle (IMDB – 10/10)

From one of the best crime/drama shows that I have ever enjoyed, is this season 9 or is New Blood something on its own? Ten years have passed since the mixed reaction to the climax of it all. As I expect I was worried like any other fan about the concerns of general sequels, this episode gives you all you want and more. Finely tuned is a different setting like this makes it feel like a new show while increasing the previous authenticity to our main character.

Seeming like it’s going to reference the original series a lot, there was a lot of twists and turns in this one relating to that. Ageing against time, the dialogue is stepping up to an older Dexter Morgan who is even more complex. As Debra his sister becomes his conscience, the psychological thriller elements are strong hiding in plain sight in a new more cold and snowy town. Not killing in this period, I will say things change and only now for how long?

This pilot of sorts focuses on you know who which is impressive although the sideline character were the only cliche cons. Although who knows how deeper it can go in the episodes to come after this. Of course, I highly recommend this hybrid of storytelling to everyone and overall this initial showing deserves and positives it gets.

The terrible ending to the first show was almost enough to make me not want to watch this but I’m glad I did. Nice details, like Dexter’s gf looking a little like Deb, right down to the peekaboo ears through her hair. Dexter was a great show and the actors were phenomenal, I’m glad Carpenter is in this however she appears. – fccs23521 (IMDB – 8/10)

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