UFC 243 – (2019) Robert Whittaker Vs Israel Adesanya (Main Event) – Fight Recap

A recap written by Lee Sonogan

Originally published on entertainmentcultureonline.com

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It is time to expand my interest in the combat sport of mixed martial arts. Professional wrestling has been my only passion in something you would call a sport. Wanting to watch this fight live, I ended up catching this fight about 50 minutes ago. Not knowing what to expect since I do not follow anything but professional wrestling, SPOILERS! Adesanya dethroning Whittaker was surprising to me.

A lot of my friends when to this event because it was at Marvel Stadium in Melbourne, Australia. And a group chat I am in was rining all day while I was still comfortably asleep (Which I somewhat regret now). This was the former UFC Middleweight Champion Whittaker’s first fight since June 2018 in Chicago. I’ve had seen his fights before but next to nothing of what Israel Adesanya has done.

For this paragraph, I will explain what I saw in the fight. For the most part at the beginning of most MMA fights, I have seen both fighters eye each other out and create as much distance as possible. From the start, Whittaker and Adesanya went at each other with various forms of strikes and counters. Whittaker kept pushing and pushing, but Adesanya had a solid defence by just feeling his movements. Then right as round 1 ended Adesanya knocked Whittaker on his ass.

Then I think Whittaker’s nose was busted up from that shot. Whittaker kept pushing to make a comeback but Adesanya kept picking his spots knowing when to attack and then when to counter. Whittaker got some decent kicks in at the end but Adesanya finally got the KO in round 2 with some counter punches and I think an uppercut to finish him.

Overall, I feel good that I watched this one. And it turns out they broke the attendance record today with 57 thousand people there. I watched the Robert Whittaker vs Yoel Romero 1 & 2 and Israel Adesanya vs Kelvin Gastelum fights before today’s fight and as of right now, I have an interest in investing time into these big fights. But I want to know what I am talking about, so disregard my rating out of ten if you think it is not a fair rating.





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