1 vs 1 – Movie Script (Act 1 – 2017 Draft)

A script part written by Lee Sonogan

What Does "No. 1" Or "Number One" Mean? | DailyRapFacts

Disclaimer: This full manuscript will be available today on patreon to consume the other 2/3 acts in the fictional story structure. Which also includes an intensive production document separate. Please excuse the punction and various small grammar issues as it was written without a final proofread with websites such as Grammarly or hemmingwayapp.com during my second year of blogging. It still conveys enough of a very readable story, maybe to be reworked in the future to eventually become a novella or longer.

1 vs 1

“Lost or kill,” – “Choices and actions,” – “The reality of the situation,”.

A movie script written by: Lee Sonogan

Genres: Thriller, Action, Mystery, Fantasy

Description: Two men are dropped in the middle of now where and then are forced to make a choice if they want to go home. Both characters struggle as they consider the choice they need to make and learning the true nature of their situation.

Last Draft – 22/3/2017

Production company video: Ungroovygords Productions

Sound 1: (Opening credits Song)

Opening credits / Movie introduction

Shots of empty fields and land scapes to a related music theme. Some suggesting saying that these shots are in a world that not quite right. Use of smoke and video effects with transitions in the opening credits scene.

Text on screen along with opening credits montage:

( ) Presents…

( ) Production

Co- Starring – as HEATH. as JUDD

Also acting in this film…

( )

Directed by:

Movie script by: Lee Sonogan

Opening credits montage:

A – First shots of bare mountains. Zoom in and out in weird angles.

B – Transition to birds eye view of forests zooming out.

C – In heavy vegetation with the evil smoke shot slowly gaining form in the shot.

D – Random animal shots. (Cows, horses, any other animal that’s rare or relevant when shooting the footage.)

E – Shots with buildings in the distance. (Haunted houses, tall buildings,

F – Shots of landscapes. (Mountains, forest areas, overlooking hills, looking down into caves, burnt areas, a trash dump)

G – Shots of rivers/water (Waterfall, lakes, non-working water fountains, the beach, empty piers, shots from out in the ocean)

H – End opening credits with shots off all scenes but this time with bright lights that engulf the screen

I – Last shot of top of mountain with a large shadow.

End of opening credits montage

Fade in

The name of the movie in text appears on the screen for seconds

(“1 vs 1”)

Screen goes black

End of Opening credits Song

This quote appears on the screen for 30 seconds

The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins?

– Edgar Allan Poe

Fade in

Sound 2: (Opening background music)

A bright light fades out.

The time is just after sunrise. Dulled light comes from the sky.

POV shot of the sky with one-character blinking. Making the screen go blank every few seconds or so slowly.

A ringing sound is going off. It is loud.

Then a shot of two people falling to the ground in a bright light.

Two people who are breathing heavily as the shot slowly zooms out of the dirt in-between the two.

MAN 1 (HEATH) is wearing causal clothes with a belt.

MAN 2 (JUDD) is wearing different casual clothes, also with a belt..

Exterior: DAY TIME – Top of a massive hill

MAN 1 (Voice-over)

What the hell just happened?

MAN 2 rolls over to his side and starts having a coughing fit.

MAN 1 is dizzy and barely can see well. A POV shot is shown as he struggles to stand.

Ringing sound continues. They both continue to moan and groan on the ground.


(Angry tone)

Who are you and what is this?

MAN 1 rubs at his face and eyes. As it is shot from MAN 2s vision.


(Angry tone)

Answer me!

This startles MAN 1. Looking around blinded.

POV shot of MAN 1 stumbling around.

MAN 2 Takes a swing at him that is way off target.

MAN vision becomes so much more clearer

Then sees MAN 2 standing close to him.

He takes a few steps back for safety. He holds at his eyes.

The ringing sound is way less. MAN 1 looks at him startled and confused.

End of Opening background music


Sorry… I was blinded there for a couple minutes… Kind of was freaking out


(Calmer tone)

So you do not know what’s going on either? You’re in it as the same as me?

MAN 1 looks around and notices that the two are on top of a mountain and overlooking mountains with nothing on it. Slow 360 shot.

The ringing sound is completely gone.


(Looking at MAN 1)

My names Judd.. What’s yours?




Heath Rogers

Said HEATH awkwardly looking at JUDD.

JUDD clears his throat with a shot close on his face.

Then looks of in the distance like he is thinking.


(not looking at HEATH)

So what should we do?


(Looking at JUDD)

Maybe walk until we find somebody?

Turning around JUDD gives him a nod, making eye contact.

HEATH nods back and slowly starts walking in a direction.

JUDD shrugs his shoulders and then follows.


You gotta tell me, what were you doing before we got teleported?




Yeah, how else could we just wake up not in our beds?


So, you were sleeping before this?


Yes, I was. So, you going to answer my question?


Yeah, yeah


I had a day off the next day so I was watching a movie. I can only assume I fell asleep in my chair.

The two continue to walk and JUDD looks through his pockets.

He pulls out spare change and a handkerchief and put it back in his pocket.

Then he try’s the other pocket and pulls out a phone.

He presses a button to see if the screen would come on.

He clicks a few buttons on it. A shot of him doing that.


Dang it


What’s wrong?


No signal on my phone

He turns the phone off and puts it back in his pocket. It makes a turning off sound.

Then there is a short montage of them walking from different angles. There is not more in the distance.

JUDD’s stomach rumbles. Zoom out shot of the stomach while walking.


We should check out the first house we find.


Yeah, I agree.

The two see a forest in the distance. The vegetation looks thick. But there looks to be some pathways.

Both look confused and frustrated.



Enter the forest or follow the edge of it?

A dog comes out of the bushes in the Forrest looks at the two.

Then it runs away back where it came from.


I say go in since that dog was there. It did not look afraid of as so maybe its owner lives close


Ok, but we need to go in stealthy. If a person lives out here in the middle of nowhere, they probably would have a gun.


Good point… I’ll follow you

HEATH nods.

Then looks for the best kind of path to start heading in.

EXT: Forrest area in a walking path under shade – DAY

HEATH walks into the forest area first with JUDD following him beside him.

Bird are heard in the trees. The sound of the forest is quiet.


(Soft voice)

So what do you do?? you study or you work?..

Heath slows down and JUDD is now walking beside him


(Soft voice)

I’m studying the art of accounting. Been booking the family business for a while so I reckon I have a knack for it… what about yourself?


(Soft Voice)

I teach mixed martial arts and yoga. But my real ambition is to fight in the ring some day


I am glad this guy is on my team

Shot of HEATHs face looking safe and comfortable.


(Soft voice)

So, your good with numbers?


(Soft voice)

Only numbers relevant to business and that.

A bark is herd in the distance.

JUDD signals his hand to his nose to suggest to be quiet.



(Soft voice)

Could it be the same dog?

Then waves to HEATH to follow.

They slowly move around heavy vegetation to see a road.

There’s a street sign to other close towns.



Lets go in the right direction towards Rochdale

HEATH nods and they go in that direction.

But a loud howling sound comes from the distance.

The two back up into the vegetation.

They crotch down and follow the tree line.

The howling gets less loud and like its about to die. Both characters see the dog dead on the ground twitching.

It is the same dog as before. It does not look very well.


(Concerned tone)

What else is in this place?

On the other side of the dog, some smoke fades away into the vegetation.

HEATH goes to move to the dog but Judd puts his hand on his shoulder.

The dog continues to twitch till it finally stopped. The two wait there in silence.

They both look uncomfortable.



Do you think it is safe now?


Yes, lets follow the road and hopefully we can stop a car for help.



But what that…

The two stand up and begin walking along the road.

Cut to:

EXT: On a road in a forest area – DAY

Sound 3: (Background travelling music)

It is in the afternoon. The sun shines bright.

Video montage of walking the road. = Various

A – Find apple tree on side of road.

B – One character taking a leak.

C – One character picking up a walking stick and using it to walking on the road.

D – One character elbowing a street sign pole.

E – Shots of the country side or forest along the road.

F – One character slowing down to remove a stone from a shoe.

G – Random animal shot

H – Last shot with slow motion aiming near the sun. (Sun shines on the shot)

Both character now look more comfortable and confident.

End of video montage

End of Background travelling music


Look over there!

There’s a car on the side of the road.

The walking stick is dropped.

JUDD behind HEATH steps on that stick and makes a sound.

As the two get closer, it is noticeable that there is blood on the driver’s seat.

Both stand in front of the car looking concerned.

JUDD opens up the back seat and and gets in.

HEATH looks in the back of the car as JUDD looks at big containers full of different stuff.


Anything good in there?


Just some water and food this person wont miss… wallet, lighters, cigarettes…

HEATH opens the passenger seat in the front and inhales the smell of dry blood.


Yep.. it’s got some odour to it

HEATH open the glove depart and notices some multiple bills in it and a lot of money packed into it.

HEATH takes 2 stacks of bills and puts it into his pockets.


This person must have been running from something



Yeah, I guess so, can ya pop the boot???

JUDD gets out of the car

HEATH looks around and finds keys with boot clicker on it in the dash below the radio under some trash.

He also sees cds in the glove department.

HEATH clicks the button.


Thank you. We seem clear of danger. No need to worry.

Then taps the car once.

HEATH puts the keys in the ignition and nothing happens.

So, he gets out of the car.

Immediately he is thrown a bag.


Put this on

HEATH puts it on and feels the weight in it.


There is some power bars in the side pockets if you get hungry

HEATH puts his bag on the ground and grabs a power bar while JUDD packs his own bag of stuff.


What was in the boot?


More food and I found this pistol tucked in the back. No ammo though


Don’t mean to keep asking you questions, but can you handle that firearm?


Yeah, I have had some training at a shooting range… It’s cool bro, where in this together right?


(Confident tone)

Yes definitely



JUDD slams the boot shut and carries his bag over one shoulder.


Lets keep going

In the distance, some fences are shown and possible structure in the vegetation area




Do you think there could be people in there? I do not want to fight someone.


Where about to find out


He does ask to much questions

Shot of JUDDs face.

The two slowly creep closer along the tree line.

The follow the tree line over the fence into a property.

They found then self next to a house and crouch beside it.

Then a shot of a shed is visible.

They listen to their environment. JUDD does hand signals and they find an entrance in silence.

Shot of some shoes next to the entrance.

Cut to:

INT: Empty house – DAY

JUDD points to a room and Heath checks it out its empty.

JUDD checks a room and its empty.

HEATH enters the kitchen and sees a newspaper opened up.

A article of a headline reads “Abuse and violence laws are intended to be improved and extended to prevent further individual crimes,”. A third of the page is ripped off on it.

HEATH is turned off by this.


The house is clear


Nice, anything interesting in the house


Saw some pictures of a older couple, nothing to suggest where they have gone know

HEATH opens the fridge in the kitchen.

Sees bunch of bottles/cans and container food and takes out a soda drink and opens its


Lets look in the shed for a car or something?


Good idea, the stuff we need would be stored in a shed

HEATH takes a sip from the soda. He gulps down a mouth full at a time.

As they move to a exit, HEATH burbs/sound.

Cut to:


The two walk out side

JUDD turns the knob of the door on the shed and surprisingly it opens straight away.

There is boxes of sleeping equipment, various collectables and stored food, art and tool and much more stored everywhere and there is a sedan car in there.

JUDD starts looking through the boxes straight away.

HEATH is distracted by a peculiar piece of artwork on the wall.

HEATH then wanders to a seating area in the shed. There is a few beer bottles lying around and a full ashtray.

He notices that there are two nooses tucked near one of the seats.

Then near that area he sees some keys and grabs them.



HEATH enters the other area of the garage and sees JUDD wearing a onesie of a animal.


These people must have been furies


(Not amused)

I do not know how to respond to that


Come on man, just having a joke


That’s fine and all, I am just trying to keep alert


We have got food, supplies and are forced to experience something different away from our daily routine life’s. I intend to make the most of this time I’ve got


So, you take this so called experience as a challenge?


Yes, I do, you gotta fight when times are tough. I am not to worried about it. We are pretty much set to explore until we figure this out.


I found some keys wanna try out the car?


Let me see the keys

He passes the keys and JUDD takes them off him.

JUDD goes to the car and puts it on the door. The door thing pops up.


You wanna start it?


Nah, you do it

JUDD turns the exhaustion with the keys and the engine turns on.

Stilling holding the soda, HEATH takes a sip.


Its got half a tank


Nice job

JUDD turns the car off at the exhaustion and pulls out the keys.

He opens the boot somehow. It makes a sound as it flings open.

Getting out of the car, he slams the door shut.

Then looks inside at its contents.

There a can with petrol in it with a funnel. A suit case and car equipment.

Then JUDD shuts the boot and walks out of the shed.

HEATH follows.

The sky shows signs that it will be night soon.


One of those boxes had sleeping stuff in it that I saw. We should stay here tonight.


I agree

JUDD then looks at a corner of the shed and sees a large steel drum. It appears empty.

HEATH looks too.


This guy seems onto it. I need rest and sitting near a fire in that drum would be the best. You gotta enjoy the little things

Shot on a angle downwards, Making HEATH look tall

JUDD walks over to the drum and drags it towards the entrance to the shed.


Need a hand?

Stops to speak to HEATH.


I’ve got it.

Continues to drag the drum across the ground.

DAY turns to NIGHT – 10 second speed scene.

Cut to:

The two sit around fire with timber burning and sit around it.

Wind makes a sound against the shed.


This guy doesn’t say much. What do I have to say to get him to reveal more to me? Wonder how he would react if I asked him if he has anything to get back to like friends, family and other

Shot of JUDD though the fire

Some bedding is seat up behind heath and his sipping at his soda.

He then crushes it with his hand and drops it.


Was there any more sodas left in the fringe?


Last one. That’s why I took it. It was pretty off tho


It’s alright, I’ve got water. So.. can I ask you some questions about ya. Kill time and get to know you, if you don’t mind?


(Looking JUDD in the eyes)

I don’t mind, ask away


Cool… cool. Top 5 interests?


I like fishing, computer games, crafting things, friends and most of all reading


Hmmm… What’s your favourite book?


Animal farm by George Orwell


Don’t think I have heard of that one


Its an old book, can I ask you a question?


yeah… sure


You seem like you are enjoying this a little bit


What do you mean?


Its just a vibe you send. It doesn’t matter.


At least your being honest. If it is not right do not do it, if it is not true do not say it.


(Confused tone)

What do YOU mean by that?


Just a quote Heath



pass me a stick to throw on?

JUDD passes the stick and HEATH throws it in.

Shot of fire then loud shot of lighting.

Both react to the lighting.

JUDD gets a can of fruit and opens it with a can opener.

Drains the liquid and starts eating each individual fruit one by one.

Wind picks up in the back ground.

In a gap of the shed a opening to the outside is shot with crickets entering the building.


Did you know that Hippo milk is pink?

JUDD eats the last few fruits and drops the can

Unknown voice

(Whisper and unable to understand it)

Shot of them being zoomed out


Did you hear something?


I dunno, it’s pretty windy out there


Must have been that cat or some other animal

Unknown voice

(Whisper and unable to understand it)

Shot of HEATHs face being zoomed out quickly.


It just did it again

Sound 4: (Light form background music)

JUDD shakes his head then smoke builds up on one of the sides of the shed.

JUDD and HEATH stand and move away from it.

Then small lights start to flash in mid-air. These lights get bigger and form one big light.

JUDDs phone falls out of his pocket and falls below a shelf.

Shot of the two looking at it in awe.

Voice from light form: VO

Hello humans, I am here to inform you in what you must do to escape this dimension



Shot of HEATH confused and surprised.

Voice from light form: VO

You Heath and you Judd must make a choice


(Questioning tone)

How do you know our names?

Voice from light form: VO

My programmer knows of your existence… And they told me to tell you two… what you must do


I want to ask you first, what’s going on in this dimension? Why is there homes with possessions of people? Why…

Voice from light form: VO

I can only tell you the information that I have been programmed with.

JUDD puts his hands on his hips like he is frustrated.


I am willing to hear what you have to say

Voice from light-form: VO

Excellent, first I need to tell you is…

JUDD gives the light-form a death stare as the shot shows the light-form in a higher angle. Making it look bigger.

Voice from light-form: VO

I am a artificial intelligence that deals with all matters in the dimension. My controllers have entrusted me to tell you one thing. One human will get to return to their home while one must stay here or zest to exist. This choice is up to you and it is up to you two to work it out.

JUDD and HEATH both looked shocked.


(Concerned tone)

Why are you doing this to us?


I think Judd meant to say was why is your controllers doing this?

A sound of lightening goes off in the background.

Voice from light-form: VO

That is classified information and I cannot tell you that information. And I cannot disclose the information. Find the symbol! Both of you will know the truth soon.

Some clouds of rain starts to pour down.


The Truth?


The symbol?

Heath gets on his knees and holds his hand in a fist like he is begging


Please AI, consider that it is your role to look after all this dimension. Is that a part of your coding? Human empathy?

The light form flashes and slowly goes away.


No do not go away just yet

JUDD walks over to the light but it is transparent and the light completely goes away.



Come back!

End of Light form background music

Voice from light-form: VO


(Distorted voice from the light-form)


(Looking around)

Did you hear all that?



what the hell is going on with this place?


We still cool? This is not going to change anything is it?


No Heath, where a team and I reckon our best chance is if we stick together.


Ok good.


I could ask the same of you?


Why is that?


Because you’re not much of a speaker. I have got more of a reason not to trust you ecpsically after that.


I am sorry if I have not been as vocal. I am not that kinda person you know? Plus, its weird been putting in this situation with a random person. I will try to be more talkative if you want?


Ok. Ok..


I believe you and all that is fair enough. Wanna gets some shut eye?


Thanks for the faith

(Weak giggle)

yeah good night

The two get in there sleeping materials and such and rest their eyes.


Tomorrow… it will be better

The sound of rain starts to go down.

Shots of both HEATH and JUDD closing their eyes.

Five seconds of some rain and there soft breaths on a blank screen. .

Cut to:

Sound 5: (Background music – JUDD Monologue)

JUDD Monologue:

INT: Set in a secluded room with just JUDD

JUDD is wearing fresh clothes and a watch on his arm,.

He speaks confidently into the camera.


Since I was young, I was fascinated with experiencing the new. Camping, learning to read and all that. I also loved adventure and action movies. The classics like Die hard and Big Trouble in Little China. As I grow older my fascinations lead me into trouble. I was out on my own cause I was adopted you see. Luckily enough, I did have a family, but I have not been back since I was 18. Then, I just had to get involved with that biker gang. Prospect live was good. They taught me so much, haha it is all sorta a blur to me now… But then things got real. That’s a story for another day folks in there.

JUDD taps on the camera screen. Tilting it a bit.

JUDD (Continued)

My purpose? Good judgement comes from experience and experience comes form bad judgement. That is all behind me because I am different now… A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. I am in control now and it is where I belong and need. It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit. A person is not finished when he is defeated. A person is finished when the person quits… A window of of opportunity won’t open itself…

JUDD walks out of the cameras view and knocks over his chair at the same time.

Four seconds shot of the empty room.

End of Background music – JUDD Monologue

Cut to:


HEATH wakes up to the sound of the car ignition turning on. He sits up immediately.


What are you doing Judd?

JUDD does not respond so HEATH stands up and walks to the car.

JUDD makes a look like he is trying to get away. He also is not wearing the onesie any more.

A shot of a garage door open is shown. Light shines into the shed.

HEATH looks at the light shining into the shed. Then..

Shot of HEATH looking at the door with the doors locked.

He tries to open it but its locked. He keeps pulling at it.

Sound 6: ( Background music before – Fight 1)



Get away from me


(Confused tone and shocked tone)

I thought you said we were a team?


(Serious tone)

Things change

HEATH goes for the back door and luckily it opens for him.

HEATH immediately grabs him around the neck from behind.

JUDD holds some steel pipe and manages to hit HEATH in the side.

HEATH changes his game plan and jumps to the front seat, getting the weapon of him.

JUDD quickly gets out of the car and gets the upper hand on Heath still in the car dragging him out.

Then one big strike in the face.


Just give up, I am taking the car and there nothing you can do about it.

HEATH stands up using the power of his knees and back.

Then, rises his dukes and taps one fist on his face.


You want to fight me for it?


I do not think you are up to the challenge

End of Background music before – Fight 1

HEATH spits on the ground in slow motion and fight music starts to play.

Sound 7: (Fight 1 music)


Bring it!

JUDD shrugs his shoulders and then charges at HEATH.

HEATH dodges and gives him a leg kick to the side.

Now both man are rising there dukes and slowly walking towards each other.

HEATH reaches in for a stomach jab, but JUDD pushes him back with two hands.


It doesn’t have to be like this…

HEATH stares at him as he pulls himself up. He breaths heavily looking right at JUDD .

HEATH turns to his left and sees a box full on canned goods.

He walks over to it picks up a can of beans.

JUDD sighs and walks over to a different box and pulls out a bat.

HEATH drops the can and knocks over some boxes.

To his surprise he finds a timber shield and picks it up.

As he turns around JUDD is coming at him with the bat.

HEATH ducks down and back body drops JUDD. Flipping to his back in pain.

But JUDD gets back up and kicks hard into the shield as HEATH defends himself by pushing JUDD back.

JUDD gets up and shakes himself off.

Looks directly for the car.

HEATH makes chase but JUDD locks all the doors as he starts the exhaustion.


Tell me why you are doing this you sum of a bitch?

Said HEATH as he climbs on the bonnet to yell at JUDD.

JUDD drives off in the car, HEATH holds on.

JUDD turns the angle of the car and picks up speed.

Then jumps off the moving car before it goes to fast.

Hurt and in pain HEATH walks back to the shed.

Song dies down.

In the wreck of the fight HEATH notices that JUDD lost his jumper in the fight.

He picks it up and sits down to examine it.

He pulls out a wallet, a pistol from before without ammo.

He puts the items in the jacket but where he found it.

He remembers something. Shot suggesting that.

Then clutches his injuries. He is hurt. Sell it in body language.

End of Fight 1 music


Where is it…

Shots of HEATH looking low and pushing things out of the way/

HEATH sees the phone under a shelf near where they were fighting.

He reaches for it, low shot.

He picks it up and then notices it has a little crack on the screen.

The phone is put in his pocket.


Well I guess… Its One vs one then

He makes his way to lay down somewhere, placing the jacket and phone near him..





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