Work In Progress: Ten Part’s Flow Syllogism

A list written by Lee Sonogan

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It must be granted that in every syllogism, considered as an argument to prove the conclusion, there is a petitio principii. When we say, All men are mortal Socrates is a man therefore Socrates is mortal; it is unanswerably urged by the adversaries of the syllogistic theory, that the proposition, Socrates is mortal. – John Stuart Mill

  • There is no absolute definition of a real person so as the language is not complete, your mere words alone will never be enough for all. We can only hope to synthesis fuller with the most reliable information presented dealing with the ever-changing circumstances accessible. 1/10
  • An absolute or quasi/convex-concave zero is a part of every wave, force and particle itself. But it is an impossible perpetual motion machine without all the other relevant broadly researched dimensions. Initial helio-geo concentric descriptive goes over and underway deeper. 2/10
  • There is a massive difference between plane polarisation (right angles) and. A more precise linear function of polynomials that are of a degree of one or less. Without the singular line, there is no purpose to our zeroes and our binary brains what it runs on. 3/10
  • As the second perpendicular are horizontal/vertical, the flaws in mirrors or reflection are in the duality of what is in the core vs external. Everyone who has used their own platform knows you build up any idea from this data about data (Metaphysics) 4/10
  • Not something objectively, without another. In quantum physics, there is positives and negatives in nature polarised being a ratio of life. Although this automatic effect in humans shown by politics is a bad thing. 5/10
  • In the 3D place where you are here. I see that all the problems to be had are paradoxes where there is always a third specific preference point. While not always generating a middle ground. Located inside the space-like surface with past nulls rising above into the future. 6/10
  • The saying history repeats itself as the temporal flow based on generations. There is incoherent time that plagiarises events/patterns of a century ago. Not embracing groundbreaking work of broader abstracts right in your face. 7/10
  • To question the definition of identifying a whole. You need to realise as much as you deserve enough equity to sustain yourself as an asset. Such concepts of balance are only as practical as much as the subjective interdisciplinary you know in semantics beyond a disconnection. 8/10
  • When you get over essential needs in what you think/consider to be happy. This will end wars as when at peace, any cause will become closer to its authentic growth. Supported upon accepting wonder and curiosity shows there is always a reason to be proven wrong being incomplete. 9/10
  • Concluding on a statement of infinity. True scientific practitioners experiment on the basis of eliminating false images of god first. Before commenting on how the finite gift matches with the remaining equation in what is the right contribution now not too easy and complex? 10/10

Mathematics … belongs to every inquiry, moral as well as physical. Even the rules of logic, by which it is rigidly bound, could not be deduced without its aid. The laws of argument admit of simple statement, but they must be curiously transposed before they can be applied to the living speech and verified by observation. In its pure and simple form the syllogism cannot be directly compared with all experience, or it would not have required an Aristotle to discover it. It must be transmuted into all the possible shapes in which reasoning loves to clothe itself. The transmutation is the mathematical process in the establishment of the law. – Benjamin Peirce

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