Semantic Apparatus – Universe at Zero Second and The Creation Process of The First Particle from the Absolute Void

Cited by Lee Sonogan

Abstract by Shivan Jumaa*

In this study, we discuss the properties of absolute void space or the universe at zero seconds, and how these properties play a vital role in creating a mechanism in which the very first particle gets created simultaneously everywhere and we find the limit in which when the absolute void volume reaches will lead to the collapse that leads to the creation of the first particle. This discussion is made following the elementary dimensions theory study that was peer-reviewed at the end of 2020, everything in the universe is made from four elementary dimensions, these dimensions are the three spatial dimensions (X, Y, and Z) and the Void resistant as the factor of change among the four, time itself wasn’t considered as the fourth dimension, rather time corresponds to a factor of change, and during the research, it was found out that the Void resistant is the factor of change in the Absolute Void space, where time is a hypothetical concept, that represents changes during certain events compared to a constant change rate event. Therefore, time does exist, but as a factor of change, and as the Void resistant in the absolute void space, Time= factor of change= Void resistant. In the study, the internal and external void resistant volume equivalent is found, External Void resistant=3.2857602*10^15 *mass. This equation is used to identify to amount of Free external void resistant created during nuclear fission and fusion: The initial mass of the excited nucleuses → mass of the created new nucleuses+ 3.2857602*10^15 * the lost Mass. In elementary dimensions, the energy created during nuclear reactions is equivalent to the free External void resistant created through nuclear reactions, and mass is equivalent to the internal Void resistant.

Publication: (Peer-Reviewed Journal)

Pub Date: 25 aug, 2021 Doi:

Keywords: elementary dimensions; absolute void; early universe; universe at zero second; Void resistant (Plenty more sections and references in this research article)

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