ORION Prelude, a video game review

A video game review written by Lee Sonogan

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Dead game! Online only and not a single server active. RIP ORION. 0/10 – Dustin (Not Recommended – Steam Review)

A video game is regarded are something so bad but why have my 16 hours on it be addictive? ORION Prelude is an expected kill all dinosaurs on sight video game released in 2012. I personally picked it up a bit later trying random steam cd keys for something different. What you get is filled with flaws although the mass AI lacking it competitive bad is still good by the sheer numbers you get overwhelmed with.

Yes, the progression systems are bad when playing on higher difficulty when trying to get achievements. The ping on the very rare other people barely seen other than if you for some reason play it on LAN with friends. The gun effects and animations can be satisfying but do not matter when playing solo cause the generator is impossible to repair later on. Despite the gap of credits earned selecting harder levels also being an issue.

I cannot honestly recommend it myself because of the repetitively, then again on two screens, it is something while watching something. Only saw one funny glitch with a giant dinosaur randomly flying into the sky. In 2021 it can run smoothly by yourself while being something you love to hate. Overall maybe my rating justifies my experience with it?


Just so people are aware, this game’s name use to be Orion Dino Beat Down, and they changed the name and re released it multiple times as a new game just to keep people from seeing all of the negative feedback it was getting. This is the same game that utilizes stolen assets and the head of Trek Industries, formerly spiral game studios fired the real team working on it just before release without paying them. I’m writing this review now because they are attempting to get out of a DMCA and possible suit of their new game “Orion” where they are literally doing the same exact thing and trying to play the victim. I bought this game before even knowing all of this, and felt so dirty for doing so, and im hoping and urging people away from buying into this mistake and scum of a company. – Jay (Not Recommended – Steam Review)




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