Wanted, a movie review

A movie review written by Lee Sonogan

1hr50mins, (2008) Action, Crime, Drama

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First there was a comic book series by Mark Miller,& JC Jones, then a story written by Micheal Brandt & Derek Hass, then these 2 along with Chris Morgan devised this imaginative screenplay which was probably inspired by THE MATRIX which was the Wachowski Brothers inspiration & we know what a treat that was. – jaybob (IMDB – 8/10)

Superhuman killing abilities becomes key in the action-packed film that is Wanted. Prior to its release, it managed to make 342 million dollars at the box office with the also thriller only having a 75 million dollar budget. Meaning that it brings the cinematography to the table. Managing to invoke suspense before the fast pace and stylized scenes spin into play.

Being one of James McAvoy first films as a leading star, It also contains memorable moments with other good actors in the cast. Morgan Freeman gaining a freckle for narrating and monologues make the plot. Maybe one of the best roles you can see has been played by Angelina Jolie. Acting-wise there are some moments worthy although, with the exciting concept in curving the bullet, there was momentum there for more or at least a sequel.

Overall there is plenty of review bombs on this piece of the motion picture. Do not let that persuade you from killing some time or respecting the choreography that is good despite some of the special effects expected. I recommend it as the trigonometry of shooting is visually satisfying. A flow is there but not for everyone’s taste.

This is a good hangover movie if you want to switch off your brain and just enjoy some mindless cheese. It’s over the top, cheesy, mindless, and all round – silly do not engage the mind – fun. Enjoyed it. – thekingsdom (IMDB – 7/10)





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