XOR ANNs #FreeVerse #Poetry

A free verse written by Lee Sonogan

XOR Gate (Exclusive OR Gate) with XOR Gate Truth Table

“Brains are amazing. Our lab demonstrates that single human layer 2/3 neurons can compute the XOR operation. Never seen before in any neuron in any other species…” The tweet from Humboldt University of Berlin Research Fellow and Neuroscientist Jaan Aru introduced the paper Dendritic Action Potentials and Computation in Human Layer 2/3 Cortical Neurons to a surprised neuroscience research community.

Dendrites of Boole L2/3 of 6 logistical algebra operation,

Potential propagating events mixed with states transient,

A ONE or HIGH output when the number of true inputs is an odd mutation,

Spiking behaviour of a single synaptic capable of analogue treatment.

‘Exclusive OR’ truth table ambiguous logical biconditional,

Disjunction yielding singular two conditions are true,

Sufficiently activated as a single pulse attractor electrical,

Same as the DNA encoding base 4 all and not nothing rather than blue.

Cell membranes firing at signals dual thirds up limbus poles,

Both sides of the thalamus autonomic and endocrine function,

Paleomammalian ccortex amygdala nerves,

Bitwise circuit minimization as digital comparator gemination.

If the findings can be further examined in more detail in terms of explainability and interpretability, there may be some insights for creating a new type of artificial neurons. Inspired by the research, an equally powerful artificial neural network could be created without so many neurons.” -Yujia Liu




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