Gran Torino, a movie review

A movie review written by Lee Sonogan

1hr56min (2008) Drama

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A Korean War veteran (Clint Eastwood) whose wife has passed on finds himself alone in the old neighborhood, where various minorities have moved in. When a Hmong youth tries to steal his car, Walter begins to confront the people around him and his own prejudice. Can Walter change at this late in the game? – gavin6942 (9/10 – IMDB)

More personal and powerful than ever, the iconic actor is amazing no matter the genre. A solid drama getting deep on repentance, tolerance, and change of thy old man. Bitter from the war, the continuous dissociative order or even racism is explored in a post-traumatic kind of view. With the title being a car. This might symbolise along the lines of corrupt masculinity but more importantly mental illness.

Writing does not miss a beat as the interwoven science produce excellent acting. Plot descriptions do not give this film justice as it handles difficult situations that divide between cultures. In the most amusing way possible it can make you laugh as it somewhat laughs off stereotypes in an anti-thesis, but concludes with plenty of messages of wanting to synthesis more by the end in a cool twist.

Almost a redneck who’s a chronic smoker who’s going to die anyway until it directly affects him in the events of this film coming to revelations. Overall as much as it is memorable is how much its cinematography could be talked about as well. Packing in between 25 to 33 million for that budget. It successfully profited many times over making around 270 million dollars at the box office.

I recommend it to almost anyone young and old as long as there is a disclaimer. In not getting too over the top with the identity politics which can be plucked from here. By that reasoning, you would probably disagree with the rating I have out of ten found below.

My favorite scenes are any and all with Sue Lor answering Walt’s non-PC and bigoted comments matching him barb for barb. GRAN TORINO in spite of being pretty predictable, it is a heart-felt human drama finding comedy in indifference. Also in the cast: Brian Howe, Brian Haley, Brooke Chia Thao, Chee Thao and Scott Eastwood, you know who’s son. – MichaelRokeefe (9/10 -IMDB)


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