Banana’s Democratic #FreeVerse #Poetry

A free verse written by Lee Sonogan

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We are well on our way to becoming a banana republic in every respect except, of course, that we don’t grow bananas. – Burt Prelutsky

The highest form of the current government is still full of kleptocracies,

Still in the alignment of the extended family from the original Donkey Kong,

Always continuing reliance on nefarious reptilian foreign capita exports,

Now it is the proprietorship of golden identify politics with majority votes that can go wrong.

Direct representation with flaws still under the peoples Kratos ‘rule’,

One outcome falls to the ground between the two toadstool,

There is something in these essential oils, colourless wrapped in linalool,

Whoever not fiding the farmed republic/democracy dynamic is a counterproductive fool.

 Stop pushing failed bills when you can build up what is not broke,

Do not allow to go back(-wards) otherwise, that is the real thanks-giving front,

It is not clear which is what is the best masterstroke,

Against the dramatic witch hunts to due process of an honourable electronic shunt.

“The biggest threat Parliament faces is democracy. It’s been a necessary evil for centuries, and for the most part we’ve been able to use it to our advantage. But one fucking referendum later and it’s like someone gave a loaded gun to a drunk toddler.” – Mick Herron, London Rules

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