Hegel Dialect #FreeVerse #Poetry

A free verse written by Lee Sonogan

Hegel's Dialectic: The Journey as a Reconciliation of Poles - The Hero's  Journey: Life's Great Adventure

“As Uncle Hegel used to enjoy pointing out, the trouble with perspectives is that they are, by definition, PARTIAL points of view; the Real problems are appreciated only when, in the course of the development of the World Spirit, the limits of perspective come to be transcended. Or, to put it less technically, it helps to be able to see the whole elephant.” ― Jerry A. Fodor, Psychosemantics: The Problem of Meaning in the Philosophy of Mind

The only title I should allow you is your name,

I don’t have to give you a group of words of other replacing con-nouns,

Your thesis alone does not earn momentum as its aspartame,

We all start in absolute zero colours waving ‘I Am Here’ red flags.

Beyond initial descriptive, too easy climax under got ya,

As green as much as investigational anti solutions,

Effects reflecting good as a leaky metal seesaw,

Reasons why that central fulcrum is currently within decentralizations.

Rainbows focusing on the orange timing inside a traffic light,

Context over culturally loaded or charged identities heard before,

Synthesis makes infrared and ultraviolet a yellow sight,

It is obvious itinerary resolution seen looking in that position foreshore.

“Perhaps, then, observes Hegel, there is an open vista for thought such that human intelligence can, in principle, override all of its self-imposed limits. If so, the argument goes, then there is hope that it may be able to conceptually assimilate all of reality.” – Micheal Allen Fox




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