Moderates Underlain #FreeVerse #Poetry

A free verse written by Lee Sonoagan

Shattering of the Vessels, by Alexandra Mason — Glass Bead

“Many societies that fell to historical tyranny have lacked moderates. Without people in the middle to challenge the most fringe plans of right or left, an entire society can be prone to veer too far in one direction and over an ideological cliff.” – C.A.A. Savastano

Centrefield italicized not always occupying any mainstream position,

Rudimentary reconcile attempts akin a historical Third Way,

Grammar identitarians scraping the side by side at times too close apposition,

Not a choice can be made in a Spanish Inquisition auto-da-fe.

Being able to work above what else that has fallen between the cracks,

Then able to make use of anything that has mayhap slipped one’s mind,

Extreme views can very much be major commonplace with tractional buzzwords,

There has to be a better manual say than those who are futile roller blind.

Not meaning to be the guy voting for purely statistical reasons,

At this point, there is a need to oppose direct tendencies that have prevailed,

Maybe treated worse in lack of attention than terrorists than the best of all worlds,

Levity is there needing closer calls between centriole and megrim bespectacled

Every symbiosis is in its degree underlain by hostility, and only by proper regulation and often elaborate adjustment, can the state of mutual benefit be maintained. Even in human affairs, partnerships for mutual benefit are not so easily kept up, in spite of men being endowed with intelligence and so being able to grasp the meaning of such a relation. But in lower organisms, there is no such comprehension to help keep the relationship going. Mutual partnerships are adaptations as blindly entered into and as unconsciously brought about as any others.H.G.Wells

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