Pragmatic Apparatus – First saying, then believing: The pragmatic roots of folk psychology

Cited by Lee Sonogan

Pragmatism and Design Thinking

Abstract by Bart Geurts

Linguistic research has revealed several pathways of language change that may guide our understanding of the evolution of mental-state attribution. In particular, it turns out that, in many languages, quotative verbs have been exapted for attributing a variety of mental states, including beliefs and intentions. In such languages, the literal translation of, “Betty said: ‘There will be war’”, may be used not only to quote Betty’s words, but also to convey that she thought or intended there to be war. This paper presents a model of the pragmatic shifts underlying this pathway, and proposes an evolutionary trajectory from quotation to the public practice of attributing beliefs and intentions, and thence to implicit belief/intention attribution.

Publication: Mind & Langauge (Peer-Reviewed Journal)

Pub Date: 24 Aug, 2021 Doi:

Keywords: First Saying, The Believing, Pragmatic Roots, Psychology (Plenty more secitons and references in this research article)

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