Carolina Reaper #Haiku #Poetry

A haiku written by Lee Sonogan

Sonic's New, Hotter-Than-Hot Slush has Carolina Reaper Peppers In It –  SheKnows

As of today, the hottest chile on record is the Carolina Reaper. I have grown it as well, and let me tell you, if you bite into one, you need to start praying before you start eating. They take your breath away. You will be on fire, sweating, with tears running down your face. – Eddie Hernandez, “My Mex-American Kitchen: Cranking Up the Heat,” Turnip Greens & Tortillas: A Mexican Chef Spices Up the Southern Kitchen, 2018

Cultivar chinense,

Capsicum salt and pepper,

Risqué piquantes.

Ed Currie holds one of his world-record Carolina Reaper peppers by the stem, which looks like the tail of a scorpion. –

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