One Piece (Dressrosa Arc), A TV Show Review

A tv show review written by Lee Sonogan

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Back at it again, I have been catching up with this English dub as tradition. Deep in The New World, we reach Dressrosa and the season is all about Donquixote Doflamingo (Joker). Eating the string-string fruit, his own island is a descendent of the noble world government. That has a land of colosseums and real-life toy people. Creating a lot of depth in unique characters in this one, there is even more emphasis on Luffy’s origin of the family.

Going undercover as (Lucy), there is a whole tournament with the prize of the flame-flame fruit from the late Ace. This is straight from the Punk Hazard Arc growing all the antagonists during that time during the b roll stories in between. Then they keep pumping the world-building of this in flashbacks from history, to unpredictable twists that eventually engulf the whole city.

The Dressrosa arc has been a great ride so far, full of standout side characters and personal revelations. Trafalgar Law finally gets some backstory, and it is great seeing how the enigmatic doctor got to where he is now. One of the best things about Dressrosa is its villain. – Crunchyroll Forum Comment

So those final moments as the boundary literally closes in on everybody, the false finishes are impressive still in the mid 700s range. Finally, end with the eventual aftermath or eventual escape. The sad parts about the story expected are not as depressing making it even more engaging. For long-term booking of anything, One Pice continues to stand out from the rest in my experienced comparison.

Giving more people to believe In keeps making the more dramatic elements that you can get into. I recommend this season as much as everything else already out now in Japan and the previous context is necessary. The mass battles through many episodes just keep becoming more fascinating.


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