Dielectric Jumpstart #FreeVerse #Poetry

A free verse written by Lee Sonogan

Elementary considerations led me to the conclusion that a medium, composed of layers of different dielectric constants, must behave as a uniaxial crystal if it is assumed that the layer thicknesses are only a fraction of a wave-length.Author: Karl Ferdinand Braun

As much as the second dimension is mainly used in automatic technology,

The insulating material within a Feynman electric field,

Nonpolar molecules of polarization equalling total surface charge density,

Dived by zero with σfree − σpol finite parrel signs unsealed.

Conductive plates taking a poor conductor separate from a capacitor,

Practically no mere flow at first until allowing a constant of relative permittivity,

Stored types of vacuums with the substance under Coulomb force,

Ratios of concentric capacitance taking three-dimensional sphericity.

Gauss’s flux theorem of absolute no symmetry existing proportional to local,

Quantum electrodynamics lamb shift accurate predictions,

Mass shell renormalization prescribing four-momentum,

Scalar vectors on mere positions after what the path is taken by objectives.

Everyone thinks that a new place or a new identity will jumpstart a new life. – Caroline Leavitt




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