Postal 2, A Video Game Review

A video game review written by Lee Sonogan

(2003) First Person Shooter


Under multiple controversies all the way back in 2003, last night I finally beat the surprisedly challenging unique thing. Postal 2 was one of those video games I heard about as a kid only get sequels almost half a decade later. Getting the choice to play violently or passively, the destigmatised action now but black comedy plot almost predicts the social commentary of today. People making a big deal out of nothing or just an open world hyperbolic, there is something about this that is memorable.

A nonstop tour de force of insulting insanity. And even though I should be disgusted by the potty humor and derogatory caricatures, I had a blast playing through it. [June 2003, p.74] – PC Gamer (Metacritic – 79/10)

With plenty of expansion packs, and a seven-day arc to explore old school nostalgia for my own personal experience. There is a wide range of references and reactions weird although satisfying to the tired use of the types of FPS. At this moment the reception is received mixed ratings that are fair enough. Older ones like “more offensive than fun” and “it simply goes too far, too often, and offers little else.” are fun to read through in comparison.

The genius of the game lies in the mix of good game design and doing something the way you want to, no matter how crude or obscene it is. For that reason, it has a lot of replay value. – OfficialLunatic (MetaCritic – 8/10)

Taking nearly twenty hours to beat its own average difficulty, you can lose yourself in it if maybe if you’re watching something on a second screen. Or the rage quits messing up certain errands you need to execute with the annoying no run option. Still, what I have put below is above an average of a dumb little adventure that meant a little more.


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