Live Rounds

An article written by Lee Sonogan

Gun owners buying up "green tip" bullets that White House may outlaw - CBS  News

Desperate to shoot blanks or fire the tips of genetic material in all cells necessary to survive? Is the immune system natural enough to fight against viruses in your physical protein? Then what is DNA regarding the immaterial of the biological universe conducting the revolution of time?

“I wanted to paint a picture some day that people would stand before and forget that it was made of paint. I wanted it to creep into them like a bar of music and mushroom there like a soft bullet.” ― O. Henry, The Complete Works of O. Henry

Asking fundamental questions like this gives anyone the hope to improvise any article I have been avoiding. As the commentary is a column placed in the ‘do or die’ miracles brought out in every person who is a cut upon the rest at least in my personally experienced relativity. Those moments when I don’t even have to think about it because it is too good without any descriptive doubt.

I will write a review on the popular Netflix show’s Squid Game but shall make this one comment about it. It’s neither about Capitalism or Commonism as much as people want it to be. My opinion of that television show is that most of what we know is very little compared to what is still can become understood. So the power/competence in infinite terms is the ever-changing human nature of what’s real and the false images of what considers equal.

Showing the manipulation of only one-word breaths the propaganda of the past. To the disconnect between semantics and pragmatics in that order in the present. And the idea of our future is infected by the shadow virus of doppelgangers of our self-made modern public arenas. As much as how bad that sounds, have faith people are still sticking to enough self-taught sustainable systems that almost anyone can survive on.

The process in the daily grind is frustrating for so many reasons, my annoyance is committing to my titles. But doing what my proven advantages tell me, I see the beauty in doing any kind of hard work. Despite the competition everywhere you must know how to point in the right direction that can never take from you except yourself. They want your mental presence scattered to the wind contra to the potential everyone has that most barely bring out from the other.

To conclude on the gunpowder tech, foremost is the humble account of taking the therapy to not get too ahead of yourself. There is a big distinction between acting on the field and preparation of understanding beforehand. Don’t repeat the mistakes of cognitive bias to manage ego in who you are. Do better than me at every turn and, I will catch up to the right timing consistent with how many bullets their needs bit.

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