Belly Flop #FreeVerse #Poetry

A free verse written by Lee Sonogan

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Keep belly lightly loaded, if mind would wisdom see; For bodies crammed to bursting, make empty souls to be. – Saadi

Headfirst downcome expecting a trampoline,

Find a nosedive dragging the catapult with it,

For one hundred times more to get a callus,

A ‘Four Fifty’ right onto the button that can reflect sheen.

Is a backflip more dangerous on a diving board?

Reasons why they took this part of the deep end of the pool,

Where does the use of this kind of spirit dwell?

Definitely, not ones calling you ridiculous names as an infidel.

Obesity has rigged the game as fortune favours the bold,

Flying through the air now apparently too sensitive,

At the entrance and every ticket at the front sold,

Bring back more adult-only places in real life appetitive.

I was writing a scene where a guy was choking another guy to death. You can go online and type ‘chokeholds’ and watch scenes where martial artists choke each other out. You can hear what noises they make when they go unconscious, see how their bodies flop and everything. YouTube is amazing for the more detailed stuff. – Daniel H. Wilson

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