Pragmatic Apparatus – Researching Change and Changing: Integrating Collaboration and Action Through Interiority

Cited by Lee Sonogan

You Are Here – Tom Basson

Abstract by Abraham B. (Rami) Shani, David Coghlan

In this essay, we are arguing that the field of organizational change and development is positioned to face the challenges of researching change and changing for the next decade and beyond. The core values in the field—that researching change and enacting changing are collaborative ventures undertaken in the present tense where the outcome is actionable knowledge, and that it serves the practical ends of organizations and generates the knowledge of how organizations change—are of utmost relevant for the emerging workplace and organizations. Through differentiated consciousness interiority challenges the polarizations that beset the field (between science and practice) and provides an integrative process focused on the operations of human knowing.

Publication: The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science (Peer-Reviewed Journal)

Pub Date: June 24, 2021 Doi:

Keywords: change, engaged scholarship, intervention, organization development practice (Plenty more sections and references in this research article)

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